Backstory: The Disastrous First Taste

I had been living in Null for a few months at this time, and my life of mining was getting a little stale. I had been getting a taste of J-Space for the past few weeks, charting out routes to highsec for my corporation and running any of the pirate faction data and relic sites I could find. I figured I had successfully navigated many a wormhole without getting blopped, so I must be ready to live in one part time right? Wrong.

I went hole to hole, trying to find one with the perfect statics that was also empty. It took me about a week before I found a C2 with a C3 and Highsec static, and what do you know, it was empty! I quickly made an Alpha scanning alt to babysit the hole while I made my preparations.  It took a couple days, but I finally had my POS planned out and all the hardware purchased, enough fuel for a week, and all my toons on standby. The Alpha scout scanned an entrance and I made the plunge without thinking twice.

Setting up my POS went off without a hitch. The onlining times were nerve wracking but I didn’t see a soul. The shields came up and I quickly anchored my defenses, a smattering of autocannons, artillery, nuets, webs, scrams, basically just enough of everything to not be effective at anything. The POS was up and this hole was mine though, that’s all that mattered at the time.

Let’s flash forward a few weeks.

I still hadn’t been bothered by anyone, but I was hemorrhaging ISK keeping the POS running. I was counting on being skilled into my ratting Myrmidon long before this point, and there weren’t enough data and relic sites spawning that I could run to sustain the cost. I was keeping afloat, mainly by running all my alts back to Nullsec periodically to mine. I had maintained this holding pattern for weeks, and I was almost ready to start making that dank ISK.

That holding pattern came to an abrupt halt one night when I received a communication saying my POS was under attack. I thought surely no small gang could take out my defenses, and what eviction group would waste their time on a C2 POS? I logged in my Alpha alt just in time to see a Naga warping away. I gave myself a smug pat on the back and returned to my Nullsec business. A few hours later, the pings came again, so I swapped toons to figure out what was happening. That same Naga was back, this time with two Ospreys, and he had refitted his ship to only be in range of my artillery cannons, of which I didn’t have nearly enough.

It was slow going, but over the course of the next two days I could do nothing but watch as he slowly dismantled my POS and all it’s defenses. I tried to evacuate what I could, but his friends were waiting on the exits in Sabres. There was no choice but to abandon my 1 Billion ISK investment and chock it up to lessons learned.

I was addicted though. I vowed to return to J-Space, but the next time, I’d be doing it right.


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