Rykki’s Guide: PvE Tool Walkthrough

One of the handiest tools in wormhole space


Rykki’s Guide should be considered essential for anyone that wants to PvE in a wormhole. Let’s take a look at a site or two (link here):

When you open the page, you’ll be on the Quicksheet. This page shows a truncated version of each combat, data and relic site organized by wormhole class. Let’s look at the first one, Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform.

Forgotten Perimeter

Looking at this table from left to right, we first see this site will have 3 waves. Next is the Trigger column. This is the name of the Sleeper that when killed, will spawn the next wave (hint: kill these last). The next two columns are Scram and Web, and this number is the number of Sleepers in that wave that will Warp Scramble or Stasis Webify. The next two are Neut and RRep, and instead of the number of Sleepers that will neut or remote rep, this is the total value of each in that wave. The same goes for the next three columns, DPS, Alpha, and EHP. To the right of the table we see the total number of ships per type and something called Blue Loot. Blue Loot is the items you loot from Sleeper wrecks; you need to sell these later as Sleepers do not give a bounty like regular rats would. So as we can see, the total value for this site is 12.8 Million ISK.

That is all the information found on the Quicksheet. For a more in depth site analysis, let’s click C2 on the top toolbar. The first site listed is a Relic Signature named Forgotten Perimeter Gateway and looks like this:

Perimeter Gateway

As you can see, it has the same basic information as the Quicksheet, but it adds a whole lot more. Each wave now shows information per Sleeper in that wave, and adds Signature and Orbit Speed, Distance, and Velocity. The Sleeper with a red name and red X by it is the Trigger as explained above. Another extremely handy piece of data this expanded version gives is the time to clear it with a given DPS, located on the top to the right of the site name. So in this site, with a DPS of 500, the best possible time to clear it is 9 minutes 43 seconds.

These sites are organized by the class of wormhole you’ll find them in, labeled C1 – C6 on the top toolbar. You’ll also see Gas Sigs and Ore Anoms here. The data is presented in the same fashion, just scroll down until you find the site you’re looking for.

Well that does it for this awesome resource. Do you have one you need explained, or one you feel should be included in the list? Submit it here.

Fly safe,


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