Interview: Up and Coming Wormholer

I got the chance to fire off some questions at Jamba Acami, who you may know as /u/SilverSteeples from this recent Reddit post. He posted a picture of a 75 million ISK estimated value haul from a wormhole expedition, and he did it in a Venture. Let’s find out how:

First, tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve been playing since maybe September 2016, Omega clone initially but I couldn’t play much after Christmas and only just got back, so for now I’m an Alpha clone. I spent about the first month highsec mining and running missions, and there were two main reasons I decided to move to areas beyond CONCORD’s grasp:

First, I wanted to get into industry – which as you might know, almost always requires materials only acquirable in wormhole space.

Second, I quickly realized that what I was making in highsec by mining was relatively little and that if I were ever to lose a ship, the losses would amount to more than I could replace easily. I heard somewhere that you should never fly what you can’t afford to lose, and so into the wilds I go, in search of great treasures.

Since then, I’ve found a reliable source of income mining out gas clouds, and vast stores of treasure with data and relic sites and therefore I’ve elected to spend a good measure of time there, jumping in and out from systems around Amarr, where I can sell anything gathered.

Approximately how much experience do you have with J-space?

In all, I’ve spent about two months, most of which is exploration, some of which is mining, in J space.

How did you fit your Venture to collect the loot you posted on Reddit?

With regards to my fit, I keep it pretty simple on the Venture. It’s versatile, designed to work both exploration sites and harvest gas, so it has both analyzer modules and two gas cloud harvesters. It’s also self reliant for all wormhole trips so of course it has a core probe launcher. Additionally, it’s fitted with a 1MN Afterburner to navigate around sites faster, because the less time you spend in the wormhole, the better. All of these are the cheapest kinds you can get, no fancy faction probes or anything; the ship must be disposable so that it can be replaced regularly should you do something stupid like warp to 0 on a sleeper site. It happens more often than I’d like to admit. It also has two Hobgoblin I drones, but I’m considering replacing them with mining drones in order to increase versatility further.

How long did you spend in the hole that trip?

I spent about 45 minutes in total in the wormhole; I went into only one wormhole, and immediately returned after cleaning it out. To streamline the process, I spend the time between caches scanning other signatures down.

Do you have any tips to pass along to fellow aspiring wormholers?

  1. Bring friends. This can help you clear a site in no time, and the faster you move around, the harder you are to catch.
  2. Don’t be blinded by greed, traps abound. Early in my adventures, I saw a Sigil on DScan, sitting not far off. A sitting duck I thought. Wrong. Unarmed freighters do not pass through wormhole space. I warped in, and was immediately blasted to pieces by several turrets positioned around what I can only assume was an empty bait ship.
  3. It’s okay to get lost, lose ships, do something stupid. Don’t be scared by it, or beat yourself up over it, because it will happen. Trust me, it’s fine.

Are wormholes harder or easier to navigate than you initially thought?

Much easier. In fact, as long as you can remember to save your exit wormhole, you almost always have a route out. If in doubt, you can simply pass through random wormholes until you reach sovereign space and get back from there. Don’t expect to be able to take shortcuts through J-space though, I have no idea how that works.

So there you have it, an Alpha pilot making a potential 100 million ISK an hour in wormholes. Do you have any questions for Jamba Acami? Ask away in the comments below!

Fly safe,



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