First Embarrassing Killmail

I said I’d post them right?


Yes, this is me. In a Manticore. Killed by an Endurance. When I said embarrassing killmails, I meant embarrassing.

(This didn’t populate on Zkill for some reason)

First Killmail.PNG

So here’s the story. I’m in our C5, and a corp mate calls out over comms that there’s an Endurance in our C3. I head back to station to reship when he says “I have him pointed but he’s tanky, get here quick.” I scrambled into my Manticore and sprinted to the hole.

When I arrived, I locked him up and turned on my point just in case. I could taste that sweet killmail at this point. Time to crank up the DPS, F1 to start the torpedo salvos. Nothing. Turns out, for whatever reason, my launchers were offline.

A steady stream of curse words later, the Endurance turns his Caldari Navy Hornets in my direction. Being the hero I think I am, I decided to go down with the ship and hold point until our third corp mate arrived. Ball of flames, got the pod out, etc. I reshipped to a Gila, but he was gone by the time I made it back.

I later realized, since this all took place within 10 km of a highsec exit, that the Endurance was toying with us the entire time and there was no reason to hold point. He knew we couldn’t break his tank with what we had, and if we did, he could jump out whenever he needed to. A silly loss, but a relatively cheap one, and another lesson learned.

Fly safe,


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