New Discord Server for Wormholers

This is a new Discord server for wormholers and all things wormholes. There are multiple text and voice channels that provide all the resources you need to connect with all of J-space, whether it be for recruiting, help with fittings, buying and selling wormholes, hammering out new alliances and coalitions, or lending out a helping hand with advice for wormbros.

  • Are you a newbro looking to get into wormholes, or one already living in a wormhole that needs some advice? There’s a dedicated channel for that, and everyone from fellow newbros to coalition leaders can weigh in on your issue.
  • As a verified recruiter, you’ll receive pings whenever someone posts a Looking for Corp ad. You then have the option to pull them down to a recruiting channel that only recruiters have access to for an on the spot interview.
  • You’ll be able to post wormholes for sale, and if you find one you want to buy, you can immediately ping a broker to help you with transaction. If you need to work out the price or the brokerage details, there are Haggle and Broker Service voice channels for that.
  • Are you a PvP machine? After verifying your elite status, your word carries more weight in the Fitting Help channel, and you’ll be able to drag players to the Training Room channels if helping others is your thing.
  • Are you a CEO, alliance, or coalition leadership? There are dedicated channels, both text and voice, that are accessible only to you and others of your same rank, allowing greater networking and diplomatic opportunities.
  • Do you just enjoy posting killmails and gloating or trash talking everyone whose not nearly as elite as you? There’s a channel for that too.

When you join the server, every channel has pinned messages explaining what that channel is for and the verification processes for each tag. Notifications have been set to only when someone tags you by name or title by default so your phone and/or computer won’t be blowing up constantly.

We’ll always hunt each other down relentlessly if we catch so much as a glimpse on D-scan, but the more we work together everywhere else, the better for J-space as a whole. The link above never expires, if you like what you see in the channel, please spread it around.

Fly dangerous,



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