New Service: Wormhole Sales and Brokerage

Buy and sell wormholes, or use the broker services!


I’d like to introduce my new service, Wormhole Sales and Brokerage.

If you stumble across an empty wormhole in your travels, make sure you have a way to get back to it then list it in the link above. Depending on what it is and what’s in it, some wormholes can sell for over 2 billion ISK!

Or, if you feel you’re ready to move into a wormhole after reading this awesome blog, browse the wormholes for sale for a comfy new home.

If a broker service is what you need, I’ll broker not just wormholes, but just about any sensitive business transaction you can think of. Click here for details.

As always, contact me or leave a comment below with any questions you have, and fly safe.


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