3rd Party Resources

Need to know how to use one of these resources? Check out the corresponding blog post for each!

If you have a suggestion for a 3rd party resource, please submit it here.

https://discord.gg/T9sqByH – A Discord server specifically for wormholers. There are dedicated channels for just about everything, including help for newbros and fittings.

Wormhole Sales and Brokerage – List empty wormholes you find, buy wormholes others have found, or use the broker service for wormhole and other purchases.

Rykki’s Guides: Wormhole PVE – A must have for any wormholer. Lists every site by C class, lists everything from ship types and DPS to blue loot value and more. [Walk-through Blog]

http://wh.pasta.gg/ – This simple site tells you what class of wormhole you’re in, what statics and effect it has, and other information such as possible occupants and most recent kills.

Pyfa: Fitting simulator – Pyfa is my personal favorite fitting simulator. It is simple to use yet powerful, and is much easier than trying to simulate fittings in game. [Walk-through Blog]

Wormhole Database: Technical information on every wormhole – This resource lists every wormhole by it’s “tag,” and lists all relevant information such as Max Stable Time, Max Jump Mass, a description of the flavor texts, etc. Essential for rolling holes.

Siggy: Wormhole and signature charting tool – There are a few charting tools out there, but this is my personal favorite. It can be somewhat complicated, but a walk-through blog for it is coming soon.

Tripwire: Another wormhole charting tool – I’ve never personally used this tool, but it looks awesome and some wormholers swear by it.

POS Planner: POS planning website – This is a great and easy to use POS planning website. Walk-through coming soon.