About The Author

Hello fellow and prospective hole divers! My name is Griff. I am currently a member of Discreet Astrographic Reconnaissance Technologies (DART), and aside from a brief and disastrous solo expedition into wormhole life, I am very new to J-Space.

I decided to start this blog so newer players or those that have never ventured into a wormhole could learn from my mistakes and get comfortable with the idea of being in a big black hole (veterans may find a nugget here or there too!). J-Space is admittedly pretty freaky, and finding information on many of the more subtle aspects of living here can be difficult. This causes many players to never poke their heads in, which is a shame because wormholes are just plain awesome.

So about me; I triple box three accounts, one has 10 million SP and the other two are around 7 million, named Griff Sotken, Severrus, and Ern Dallocort. I have played off and on for almost 10 years (obviously you can tell by my skill point amounts I never stayed long each time). This was largely due to not finding the right people to play with, which changed when I found The Crimson Order. They’re an awesome group of guys, and I learned a ton from them while romping around Highsec, then even more when we moved to Null. I hated parting ways with them, but living in a wormhole is just something I had to do.

At the time of writing this, I’ve been with DART almost two weeks. I’ll be blogging about everything I can think of here; moving into a hole, initial setup, handy 3rd party tools, ships and fittings, politics, wormhole etiquette, you name it and I’ll be blogging about it. If you have a specific topic you want covered, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

In addition to this blog, I also run Wormhole Sales and Brokerage, a site to buy and sell empty wormholes, and a Discord server tailored specifically to wormholers.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you get the chance to dive into a hole soon too. It’s the most rewarding experience I’ve had in Eve thus far. Fly safe!