New Service: Wormhole Sales and Brokerage

Buy and sell wormholes, or use the broker services!


I’d like to introduce my new service, Wormhole Sales and Brokerage.

If you stumble across an empty wormhole in your travels, make sure you have a way to get back to it then list it in the link above. Depending on what it is and what’s in it, some wormholes can sell for over 2 billion ISK!

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Making the Plunge and Phase Two

So I sold off everything except for a few ships and made the jump to my new corp’s entrance hole. The move over was uneventful, but now I was in a deep dark scary hole with only a Buzzard and a couple billion in my pocket. Now that I was in a corp and in the hole, it was time for phase two: setup.

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Welcome to Spoopy Space!

Thanks for visiting! The goal of Spoopy Space is to make new players and those that have never poked their head in a wormhole a little more comfortable with the idea. J-Space can be intimidating and certain information is very hard to find, so being new to it myself, I decided to chronicle my journey from the start. Subscribe to this blog to follow all the embarrassing killmails, reviews and walk-throughs of 3rd party resources, and an inside look at what day to day life is like in the scariest space in Eve.

Check out the About The Author page for some information on yours truly, browse through our blog posts, or contact me with any questions or to suggest a topic you want covered.