The First Death

Had To Happen Sometime


So it happened, my first death in the wormhole.

I was attempting to roll our C3 static (I’ll go in depth on rolling in other post). I  brought out the Armageddon built for this purpose and dove in for the first of two round trips and found a Bhaalgorn waiting on the other side. I stayed cloaked for a few minutes to weigh my options, then decided my best course of action was to strike first while attempting to slow boat to the hole.

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Making the Plunge and Phase Two

So I sold off everything except for a few ships and made the jump to my new corp’s entrance hole. The move over was uneventful, but now I was in a deep dark scary hole with only a Buzzard and a couple billion in my pocket. Now that I was in a corp and in the hole, it was time for phase two: setup.

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Rykki’s Guide: PvE Tool Walkthrough

One of the handiest tools in wormhole space

Rykki’s Guide should be considered essential for anyone that wants to PvE in a wormhole. Let’s take a look at a site or two (link here):

When you open the page, you’ll be on the Quicksheet. This page shows a truncated version of each combat, data and relic site organized by wormhole class. Let’s look at the first one, Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform.

Forgotten Perimeter

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Backstory: The Disastrous First Taste

I had been living in Null for a few months at this time, and my life of mining was getting a little stale. I had been getting a taste of J-Space for the past few weeks, charting out routes to highsec for my corporation and running any of the pirate faction data and relic sites I could find. I figured I had successfully navigated many a wormhole without getting blopped, so I must be ready to live in one part time right? Wrong.

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Welcome to Spoopy Space!

Thanks for visiting! The goal of Spoopy Space is to make new players and those that have never poked their head in a wormhole a little more comfortable with the idea. J-Space can be intimidating and certain information is very hard to find, so being new to it myself, I decided to chronicle my journey from the start. Subscribe to this blog to follow all the embarrassing killmails, reviews and walk-throughs of 3rd party resources, and an inside look at what day to day life is like in the scariest space in Eve.

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