New Discord Server for Wormholers

This is a new Discord server for wormholers and all things wormholes. There are multiple text and voice channels that provide all the resources you need to connect with all of J-space, whether it be for recruiting, help with fittings, buying and selling wormholes, hammering out new alliances and coalitions, or lending out a helping hand with advice for wormbros.

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Interview: Up and Coming Wormholer

I got the chance to fire off some questions at Jamba Acami, who you may know as /u/SilverSteeples from this recent Reddit post. He posted a picture of a 75 million ISK estimated value haul from a wormhole expedition, and he did it in a Venture. Let’s find out how:

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Pyfa Fitting Simulator Walkthrough

The Basics

There are quite a few fitting simulation tools, but Pyfa is by far my favorite. It’s simple, easy to use, but gives you the information you need to accurately fit your ships. [Download here]

Let’s fit out a basic Frigate and get into some of the nuts and bolts of this tool. We’ll go with a Merlin because, well, I love Merlins. (Use this fit at your own risk by the way, I snagged it off another website and have never used it). Once you have Pyfa downloaded and open, copy all the italicized text below (this is called EFT format).

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The First Death

Had To Happen Sometime

So it happened, my first death in the wormhole.

I was attempting to roll our C3 static (I’ll go in depth on rolling in other post). I  brought out the Armageddon built for this purpose and dove in for the first of two round trips and found a Bhaalgorn waiting on the other side. I stayed cloaked for a few minutes to weigh my options, then decided my best course of action was to strike first while attempting to slow boat to the hole.

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