Rolling Holes

A Brief Introduction


I recently received a great period of instruction from DART’s CEO about rolling holes, and I’d like to pass along that info.

The first step in this process is gathering some information about the hole. As an example, I’ll use our C3 static.

Wormhole Description.PNG

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Pyfa Fitting Simulator Walkthrough

The Basics

There are quite a few fitting simulation tools, but Pyfa is by far my favorite. It’s simple, easy to use, but gives you the information you need to accurately fit your ships. [Download here]

Let’s fit out a basic Frigate and get into some of the nuts and bolts of this tool. We’ll go with a Merlin because, well, I love Merlins. (Use this fit at your own risk by the way, I snagged it off another website and have never used it). Once you have Pyfa downloaded and open, copy all the italicized text below (this is called EFT format).

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Rykki’s Guide: PvE Tool Walkthrough

One of the handiest tools in wormhole space

Rykki’s Guide should be considered essential for anyone that wants to PvE in a wormhole. Let’s take a look at a site or two (link here):

When you open the page, you’ll be on the Quicksheet. This page shows a truncated version of each combat, data and relic site organized by wormhole class. Let’s look at the first one, Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform.

Forgotten Perimeter

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